One energy ahead

We are a European energy company that specialises in sustainability, that generates electricity exclusively from renewable sources – mainly from wind energy. We now rank among the leading wind power producers with meanwhile more than 762 installed wind turbines and 4,45 billion kilowatt hours annually.

With 500 employees throughout Europe today, we combine all competencies that are necessary for the successful operation of wind turbines and for the generation and supply of renewable energy. From planning, technological development and financing to the construction and the operation up to feeding into our own power grid with the associated transformer substations and connection throughout Europe, we are one of the few companies worldwide that operates every necessary link in the production chain with sustainable wind energy. As independent service provider, we also offer an extensive service network for wind turbines of partner companies.

ENERTRAG is security with energy

Everything is nothing without energy. Our great-grandparentsInbetriebnahme had to work up to 20 hours for one kilowatt hour energy – today we only need approximately 1 minute. This is the source of our prosperity. In the past hundred years, nearly everything that is combustible in the thin layer of the earth crust and atmosphere was used up: coal, oil, gas, wood and all types of biomass.

Our house is burning.

By now, not only some scientists but all of us are aware that this cannot continue. However, the question of the appropriate solution gives rise to bitter debates: hydropower, solar energy, geothermal energy, tidal power, wind on land or at sea, nuclear power, nuclear fusion or even more biomass or a mixture of everything, called energy mix?
We are on the independent side of physics here. We know that a secure, sustainable and inexpensive energy supply is only possible through wind power, photovoltaics and hydrogen. All other solutions are either too expensive, not sustainable, too uncertain or simply not sufficiently available. We are putting this knowledge into practice.

Since the commissioning of our first wind turbine, our goal has been and is secure and sustainable energy generation. For this purpose, we establish our own networks without burdening the supply networks and ensure uniform plant control of all our plants. Furthermore, we store energy in the most durable and simplest of all energy sources: hydrogen, and strive to supply all energy sectors in a balanced manner, from electricity to fuel through to heat. And therefore we are active wherever it is necessary to make wind power compatible and to gain sufficient support for making it the basis of our energy system.
Thus we plan projects profoundly and in long-term coordination with all the relevant stakeholders. We build as much as necessary, but large plants. We ensure the shutting off of unnecessary light signals, only lay underground cables, take care to ensure the largest possible distances between man and machine and plan our activity in such a manner, that no species is endangered and nature is preserved.

Success story of ENERTRAG

Corporate management

Jörg Müller

Chairman of the Executive Board ENERTRAG AG

„The energy policy cannot do without wind energy. It is the only way to permanently secure our life quality and to protect the environment. I am fighting for this in a sustainable manner."

Matthias König

Executive Board ENERTRAG AG

„To secure the energy supply sustainable, the expansion of the renewables energies and increase of energy efficiency are inevitable. That is what I reliably and respectfully commit myself to.“

Dr. Gunar Hering

Executive Board ENERTRAG AG

„The expansion of the decentralised energy supply can only succeed with the close involvement of citizens, municipalities and public utilities. It will be necessary for the implementation to exploit new financing and partnership options. That is what I stand for.“

Corporate values


We act with foresight and with sound judgment.

  • We contemplate the impact of our actions on our company and our partners.
  • We carefully weigh up the costs, benefits, opportunities and risks.
  • We agree on common goals.
  • We know our goals, make achievable plans with measurable milestones.
  • We develop products and services together with our customers for our mutual benefit.
  • We assume responsibility to find solutions.


We keep our promises.

  • We act responsibly, learn from mistakes and allow opposition.
  • We create trust by means of transparent processes and clear decisions.
  • We adhere to our deadlines, plans and agreements.
  • We plan with sufficient security and reserves.
  • We comply with specifications, guidelines and laws.


We use our ideas for lasting solutions.

  • We ensure stable corporate development that is adapted to the environment.
  • We organise our work routine in a resource-saving manner.
  • We train our future employees at an early stage and promote the development of our employees.
  • We use and supply durable products and plants.
  • We ensure lasting success through the variety of our ideas and simple solutions.


Together we are strong.

  • We value our employees, respect their individuality, motivate them and allow them to participate in the success. 
  • We put ourselves into the position of others, find a common goal and act accordingly. 
  • We create trust by communicating clearly, openly and honestly and sharing information. 
  • We are role models, define boundaries and create the necessary free space.
  • We coordinate our actions and create majorities for the energy revolution.
  • We do not tolerate discrimination based on nationality, gender, religion or other personal characteristics.

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